5 Best Day trips and Excursions in Tuscany


Tuscany is an extremely popular region for visitors to Italy because of its diverse selection of sights and activities. From culinary attractions and vineyards to ancient architecture and classic art, Tuscany is among the most mixed regions on the planet for tourists. Whether you’re curious about the most prominent tourist attractions and some off the beaten path sights, you’ll notice loads of opportunities that are great for day trips within the area and in the surrounding areas to maintain your itinerary exciting. Here are the 5 best day trips either within Tuscany itself or within easy travelling distance from the most popular cities.

  • Florence

The biggest town in the Tuscany region, Florence, is an extremely well-liked location for visitors from around the globe. Beautiful architecture, world-class museums and delicious cuisine and art galleries help make this a good town to enjoy included in a one-day trip. The Duomo is included by famous attractions such as the Accademia di Firenze, The Accademia and the ponte Vecchio Museum where you are able to have a look at Michelangelo’s David. Tuscany is well-known across Italy for steak, along with Florence may be the best locale to test several.

  • Montepulciano

Montepulciano is widely recognized across the nation for its wines, especially the red wine identified as Vino Nobile Di Montepulciano. There is a variety of wineries and vineyards in the town in which you are able to indulge in many wine tastings. A couple of them also allow you to take a look at the wine production process and try your hand at some of the processes yourself. There’s in addition a 15th-century villa open to visitors just a quick drive out of the town known as La Foce.

  • San Gimignano

Located in the center of the beautiful Tuscan countryside, San Gimignano has a good deal of authentic Italian charm and oozes history. The town traces the origins of its to the medieval era, and the early walls of the first town remain standing to this day. There are some medieval towers spread across the town, with the largest being Torre Grossa. If you want to read about Italy’s medieval heritage, San Gimignano1300 is your best option in Tuscany.

  • Reggello

Located in the Chianti wine region, Reggello is one other outstanding place to sample local Italian wine and discover more about the production processes. The city is also famous for creating extra virgin olive oil, and you can take tours of some of the farms and distilleries in the surrounding area. The town itself has some interesting architecture, such as the Abbey of Vallombrosa. You are also able to discover more about stone cutting in the town at Sottili’s Stone Cutting Workshop.

  • Pisa

One more very popular city in Tuscany, Pisa, is the most known internationally for the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The historical past around why the tower leans, and efforts to be sure it doesn’t fall down is interesting. However, the town also has a great deal more to offer travelers visiting on a one-day trip. The Museo Di San Matteo has the very best group of Tuscan artworks in the area, and the Tuttomundo is also a large mural of Pisa painted by Keith Haring as an homage to the city’s beauty.

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