Active Life Snow Club: Enjoy Skiing in Madarao


Skiing is one of the fun activities in Madarao. Active life hotel are Skiing Madarao experts at the moment. All their skiing experts have attained safety certificates. Skiing is one of the best ways of exploring Madarao during winter. Choose Active life hotel for skiing. The guides offer guided tours. Therefore, be assured of best viewing spots within the region. Active life snow club offers services for both adults and children. Here are the services to choose from once you visit Active life hotel in Madarao:

  • Kids’ group lessons- Did you tag your children along while touring Madarao? If yes enroll them for the kids’ group lessons. This lesson is open for children between five years and fourteen. Your children will be taught the basics of skiing and safety measures. There is an option of dropping your kids in the morning until evening.
  • Complimentary adult lessons- There are two adults skiing lessons each day. Each lesson takes roughly three hours. Complimentary adult lessons are open for amateurs, intermediate and experts. You will have fun with your loved ones while polishing up your skiing skills.
  • Private Skiing lessons- Is your busy schedule baring you from enjoy skiing? If yes, Active life hotel offers private skiing lessons. This package allows you to hire your own skiing instructor at your free time. Enroll as a group in private lessons for huge discounts.
  • Advanced skiing lesson- This lesson is for experienced skiing experts. Here, you will be challenged on your skills. You will also be taught new skills you never thought of.

Don’t struggle for a professional and experienced skiing instructor. Click on the above link and reach out to Active life hotel. You will be linked to well trained and experienced skiing instructors.