Can CBD oilHelp to Treat Leukemia?

Can CBD oilHelp to Treat Leukemia?

CBD (Cannabidiol) oil is a compound obtained in the form of chemical extract of hemp (Cannabis) plant through distillation. CBD doesn’t have any psychoactive properties that is why it is completely safe to use. CBD oil is getting more and more popularity due to its effectiveness in the treatment of many psychological conditions such as pain and inflammation. It might also be used for the treatment of anxiety, treatment, vomiting but today’s question is “Can CBD Oil Help to treat Leukemia?”. For the answer to this question, we will try to find out the effects of CBD Oil on Leukemia but first of all, we will try to understand what is leukemia.


Leukemia is a type of blood cancer. Leukemia is characterized by the development of abnormal white blood cells. The bone marrow is the main spot at which leukemia starts. In bone marrow, white blood cells get mutations and start developing in an abnormal fashion. This situation can cause blood cancer it is not treated earlier. Leukemia weakens the body’s immune system of the patient because white blood cell fighters against disease infections and foreign particles.

The white blood cells developed in an abnormal fashion are known as Leukemia Cells. Leukemia cells are actually under-developed cells that have no purpose and function in the body and hence cause a non-functional burden for the body. Leukemia cells not only affect the synthesis of white blood cells but they also affect the production of other blood cells such as red blood cells and platelets. This situation can cause a severe decrease in the number of RBCs in the body which can cause other serious complications.

Red Blood Cells on the other hand are also very essential for the body. Their main functions are transporting food nutrients, oxygen, and Carbon dioxide. Leukemia causes low RBC count which is not good for the body’s health.

The exact causes and reasons for Leukemia are completely unknown but according to some researches, there are several factors that can cause Leukemia. For example, Genetic changes, Environmental conditions, and lifestyle can contribute towards Leukemia. The ratio of cases of Leukemia is 75% more in children than adults according to some researches.

The sign and symptoms of Leukemia are as follows,

  • Fever
  • High risk of infection
  • Tiredness
  • Unstoppable bleeding
  • Long blood clotting time
  • Tiny red spots on the skin
  • Sweating


CBD Oil can help to alleviate the symptoms of Leukemia because CBD oil is rich in nutrients. CBD oil is rich in antioxidants, proteins, and vitamins which are all important in reducing or removing cancerous cells. Apart from these nutrients, CBD oil has flavonoids, fatty acids, and terpenoids which may promote good health.

CBD Oil might help to alleviate Leukemia symptoms due to its anti-cancerous properties. By using these anti-cancerous properties, CBD Oil can fight against the development of cancerous cells. But it is very important to remember here that the data and information about the working of CBD in the treatment of Leukemia is not totally understood yet.

We have arranged some mechanism of CBD working in the treatment of Leukemia so you can understand it easily.

CBD Oil helps the body in Apoptosis:

Apoptosis is the natural sanitation process of the body in which the body itself destroy unnecessary and dangerous cells. Apoptosis is the best way of maintaining good health balance. As we have discussed earlier, Leukemia is the production of abnormal white blood cells that crowd the lymphatic system of the body. CBD Oil helps in the Apoptosis of these abnormal white blood cells due to CBD Oil’s anti-cancerous properties. CBD oil also reduces the speed of making Leukemia cells.

CBD Oil interacts with the Endocannabinoid system of the body to alleviate the symptoms of Leukemia. The endocannabinoid (ECS) system is a co-worker of the immune system of the body. It maintains the state of homeostasis in the body. This system is also helpful in removing the Leukemia cells through apoptosis.

There are two kinds of receptors present in the ECS system, CB1, and CB2 receptors. CBD Oil reacts with CB2 receptors and plays a key role in the destruction and reduction of Leukemia cells. The complex of CBD oil and CB2 receptors helps the body to determine that if a cell is useful for the body or it is dangerous. If the body determines the cell to be dangerous, it automatically removes it through apoptosis.

The complex of CBD oil and CB2 receptors help the body to trigger antitumorigenic warnings against the development of Leukemia cells. This antitumorigenic warning impairs the production and development of cancerous cells through metastasis and angiogenesis. This mechanism is very helpful in controlling and reducing Leukemia causing cells and provide the basis for the production of healthy white blood cells.

As we have discussed earlier, CBD Oil is rich in nutrients, that is why it provides nourishment for healthy cell development. Healthy cell development is the best weapon against Leukemia. For this reason, the consumption of CBD Oil can increase your body growth predominantly.

In simple words, CBD oil might be able to provide a suitable environment for the normal production of white blood cells which is best in avoiding Leukemia.

CBD oil might be effective in relieving pain and inflammation also which are secondary symptoms of Leukemia.


CBD Oil can help to treat Leukemia by different above-discussed mechanisms. But one thing is very important to remember that there is not medically proven evidences are available for using CBD oil in the treatment of Leukemia.

Thank you very much for reading the article!