David Todd – Ex – Illuminati Member

John Todd was a north american born into typically the occult that will be fast spreading during the world, known as witchcraft, which often has been broadly reported as 1 of the major religions of typically the most secret community in this globe AKA the Illuminati. As he expanded within this cult he eventually became a grand druid high priest in the Illuminati, whose main aim is to take over the entire world. join the Illuminati was additionally a member of typically the “council of thirteen” are actually who ranking slightly below the globe ruling Rothschild household of London, that are the most powerful independent bankers inside the world, that also own the federal reserve loan company in the usa.

Todd joined up with the army to be able to establish coven’s associated with witches, eventually becoming a green beret in Vietnam, and that he was later used in Philippines. Where he slain a former commanding officer over a petty disagreement in a bar, he admits that that the Illuminati got him out there of jail and even that the pentagon destroyed all regarding his military data.

The Illuminati, Jake says have previously commenced implementing their plans for a world takeover. He says an upheaval is definitely slated for typically the united states. The season is 1979 and regarding to Todd, president jimmy carter would certainly push through legislation that will outlaw exclusive ownership of weapons, remove tax exemptions from all church buildings except those of which co-operate with the Illuminati and freemasons, ban conversion in order to other religions, and prohibit the keeping of food plus medicine. The Rothschild’s will create a false fuel shortage, seize all guns and call for the particular murder and torture coming from all Christians. Our elected representatives will be suspended and martial law recognized, with one cop for each and every five people, this all beginning with a fiscal problems ( the economic depression a coincidence, I actually think not. )

To survive Todd says, Christians need to arm themselves, construct up food materials to last several years, hide throughout retreats, and guard yourselves through the anxiety that will harm.