How To Prepare A More Visible CV With Little Experience?

One of the most difficult things for candidates who are just at the beginning of their career or who want to start a career in a new field is to make their resumes more visible. There are some tricks to make your resume look strong.Image result for CV Writing

CV Formasi, proudly founded by Emil Memmedzade, offers high quality CV forms, resume forms at affordable prices. Whether you have little work experience or are doing a career in a new field, many candidates think that their CV will be lost among other CVs and will not stand out due to lack of experience. So what should candidates who experience such a situation do? Monster’s Career Specialist, Vicki Salemi, offers the following advice to candidates with such problems:

Strengthen your resume with your focus areas

If you do not have much work experience and are on the way, structure your resume on your educational background. You can make your resume stronger by including the areas that you sanctioned and focused on during your education. Vicki Salemi shows the volunteer experience of the candidates, their achievements, the awards they received and the overseas programs they participated in, as an example.

Focus on functional resume

Vicki Salemi says those with little work experience can focus on a functional resume. Accordingly, you can prepare a functional resume by focusing on skill sets instead of listing your work experiences on your resume in chronological order. Functional resumes emphasize your strengths, skills and abilities. You should summarize your work history, but this is usually at the bottom of your CV, such as here:

If you started a new field

Vicki Salemi says those with limited experience in a new field should look at job descriptions for the roles they follow in the postings and learn what skills and experience are most desired. Accordingly, candidates can place the features sought in the advertisements they follow in the top positions in their resumes.

Show off your transferable skills

Vicki Salemi finally advises candidates to find out if they have transferable skills, “If you are marketing with a $ 1 million budget, your skills in managing your budget are evident regardless of your industry. This is what you should emphasize here. So focus on the skills and experience you already have to show them to employers, ”he says.

Human Resources professionals can sometimes look up hundreds of resumes for a single position. In the highly competitive recruitment process, some candidates aim to make a difference and stand out by using numbers and data on their CVs.

Some methods used in preparing a CV make candidates stand out from their competitors easily and be noticed. One of them is the method of making the resume more effective with the numbers that have been increasingly used recently. You can reinforce your achievements, experiences and competencies using numbers and make your resume stand out.

Why should you add data?

Showing the numerical value of everything you do on your resume helps you attract more attention from Human Resources professionals, as well as concretize your experiences and skills. Accurate data makes your experience more important and helps the HR professional understand that you are a serious candidate. For example, you work in a PR agency and state that you are writing a press release in the section where your experiences take place. It is more impressive if you say “I wrote 10 press releases a week” instead of just saying “I am writing a press release” here.

How will you find the numbers?

No matter what industry you are in or what level you study in your career, it is possible to enrich your resume with numbers. If you work in sales or finance, you can access obvious metrics such as sales volume, market share, and profitability and show your contribution to the organization you work with in numbers. If you don’t know the exact number, you can give a spacing. For example, you can use an expression like “I have managed a budget exceeding $ 500 thousand”.

Which numbers should you use?

The easiest way to find ways to digitize your success is by looking at how your company directly affects money, time, and people. For money, look at how you are reducing costs or increasing profits and quantify everything you can. Likewise, you can indicate what kind of savings in time or expenses or how you increased productivity. For example, you can indicate that you have reduced your purchasing costs by 15 percent as a result of your work.

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