Let’s talk about our prize bond luck!

If you’ve ever bought bonds in the past and were the winner, please let us know about it. Some people won cash prizes during their first attempts. Some less fortunate winners have not yet received the cash prize amounts. The other details are listed below for you to read:

How are you eligible for prize bond guru, and where to purchase a bond?

You can access information about the prize bond schedule on the official websites. On this web page, we’ll also keep you informed. Banks of the state in Pakistan and other public sector banks keep updating the information and communicating the public information when the results will be announced, and the time when new bonds with serial numbers will become accessible on the market.

Additionally, the latest revision to the prize bond schedule has informed us that for a Rs 25000 bond, the first winner will be awarded the prize amount of Rs 50,000,000. The second one will get the cash value of 15 million rupees. The third prize will be the cash prize of 312,000 rupees. That’s how the schedule and processing are going.

Through The state-owned bank in Pakistan and from the central savings center, you will be able to access the bonds and prize bond results. It is important to note that the prize bond schedule update has clarified that holders of these bonds can cash them at any time, and no restrictions will be placed on the bonds.

Who can get the bonds and prize bond list?

If you’re a citizen of Pakistan, you can purchase these bonds and lottery tickets. Foreign Pakistanis can purchase bonds, too. You must show your CNIC, and the prize bond guesses paper bonds will be given to you.

You can also purchase these bonds through a private bank. However, it’s helpful to go through the bonds released from the Pakistani government Pakistan and the State Bank of Pakistan. This way, you will ensure that your money does not get into the hands of a fraudster. For more information about our prize bond list, keep up with us.

How can I redeem the bonds?

After you have received the prize bond result announced and you haven’t been awarded any cash, you can cash these bonds. Then, check out the centers that specialize in selling and buying bonds. You can ask the center to transfer the bonds for you.

If they are pursuing you when they are chasing you, you must show the CNIC to them, and that’s it. After checking the details, you’ll get cash upon returning the bonds if you own bonds in the denomination of Rs. You require 750 and wish to sell them off The above procedure.

We’ll keep you informed of our prize bond result updates on this page, so don’t leave here. Everyone lucky will tell us what they have won, and those who were not so lucky shouldn’t be discouraged.


For all of our blog readers, should they wish to learn more specifics of prize bond guru, they can do so. We’ve provided the basics of this idea, but it is yours! If you’ve got savings and want to win a lottery ticket, leap on the trend. You could be the bond winner if you are lucky.

Based on these details, You may have found enough information from the prize bond list regarding which locations you can purchase bonds at and the procedure and legal procedure to cash the bonds!