Modern Security Solutions

Fireball Securitas is easily one of the leading best security agency in india. Our company was borne to offer professional and uninterrupted services to our esteemed clients. We follow the philosophy of putting our clients’ needs first. We provide a host of high-quality security solutions, including:

• Guarding Services;
• Background Screening;
• Investigation;
• Facility Services;
• Corporate Intelligence;
• Consultancy Services.

Our loyal clientele can attest that we have consistently provided the best security services. You can rely on us, especially in emergencies and major crises, as we assure that we will perfectly safeguard your company.

Highly Trained Security Personnel

To offer you the best as a security guard companies in india, we ensure that all those recruited to work with us have undergone the highest level of training. After all, trained security personnel will be an asset to the organization. The training program undertaken by our personnel is scientifically designed as per modern business requirements. Each one of them undergoes rigorous training, which entails:

• Physical Fitness;
• Classroom Training;
• On the Job Training;
• Special Training.

Security Guard Company in india assure that each of them is self-reliant and prepared to handle day-to-day routines and emergency events. You can be assured that you will receive only the most skilled and trained personnel for your business.

Reputed Security Company in Delhi

We are very passionate about our work, which is why we have developed our company to be a one-stop shop for all your security needs. As the needs and expectations for various security services have evolved with time, we have ensured that our practices reflect the current times. Depending on your business’s size, location, nature, and requirements, we will customize the perfect solution for you. We cater to all kinds of security requirements.

Security Guard Provider
Whether you have a business, school, shop, etc., we can provide just the correct type of security service to safeguard the space and all the people within it. We provide the following:

Security Guard
• Highly trained security guards or security officers with excellent track records.

• Well-built and trained bouncers and bodyguards for short durations or long-term.

Escort Guard
• Professional guards to protect your women employees during night commutes.

Women Security Guards
• Trained women who can carry out tasks such as frisking in different settings such as schools, offices, malls, shops, etc.

Event Security
• Short-term security services are ideal for weddings, concerts, office parties, etc.

Tourist Security
• For those travelling to India and wish to have some extra security, you can hire our tourist security to accompany you during your travels.

Protecting You Everyday

As one of India’s best Security Guard Services in india, we help to secure your business 365 days a year. We understand that every client has unique requirements, influencing the nature and type of security needed. That is why, as your trusted security partner, we offer uniquely designed specialized plans for each client. We provide the following types of protection:

Office Security
• We manage every single security need a modern corporate office might have.

Building Security
• We help protect and secure your commercial or residential complexes with fully trained security teams.

Bank Security
• Protect your bank branches and ATMs with vigilant and trained security guards 24×7.

Industrial Security
• Mitigate all possible risks by hiring highly trained security teams for your factories and warehouses.

Retail Security
• For 24×7 protection against shoplifters and other potential dangers, get the best security for your shopping complexes, malls, and retail stores.

Hospital Security
• The security of a hospital is vital, which is why you should only have the most highly-trained personnel protecting your hospital for the safety of your doctors, nurses, staff and patients.

Property Security
• We offer the best security for property protection, especially for those properties recovered from loan defaulters.
School Security
• Protect all the people in your school or college with tailor-made security solutions.