Mr Sreem Kamesh is slated to release the album Golden Girl with Golden Heart of Love from


Sreem Kamesh is a gifted artist who is set to release the album ‘Golden Girl with Golden Heart of Love’. His music company STARMUSICGLOBAL is gearing up for it.


(DailyMusicRole Editorial):- New York City, Mar 26, 2020 ( – The prolific music artist, Mr. Sreem Kamesh is a force to reckon within the music industry as the flamboyant musician is all set to release his latest album. The album has been titled Golden Girl with Golden Heart of Love‘ and has already created a lot of buzz in the industry. The musician owns a company dealing in publishing music and is known by the name ‘‘. He has worked on the background a lot and is anticipated to come with a deluge of hundred songs in all that will sweep the audience off their feet. The music company has got up to the minute facilities and avant-garde features that augur well for the aspiring artists to showcase their talent. Talented artists are identified all over the world through state of the art mechanism used by the publishing company which has got a futuristic view. The company has amplified the working process with an indomitable presence in the major social media platforms. The number of followers of the company is staggering Facebook, Twitter and Instagram speaking volumes about the popularity of the music publishing company. You can also plug into major trending platforms like Youtube to listen to the songs published by the music company vevo.

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In the album titled Golden Girl with Golden Heart of Love’ by Mr. Sreem Kamesh there is an enigmatic aura. ‘’ has left no stone unturned to make the album a real success. The production and publishing of music are given due importance along with that new artists are allowed to fine-tune their skills. Music healing is also one such aspect that assumes prominence over here with the sheer objective to foster global peace and health. The network of the company is worldwide reach and cuts across national boundaries. The company will provide for the royalties earned by every musician and artist. They are setting up a regal goal to achieve global recognition such that their songs appear in globally recognized musical charts like Billboard. They have already put their best foot forward and are working rigorously to achieve their objective. Their song also features in the popular music streaming site – Soundcloud.

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