Online Education


We all need extra help sometimes. If your child is having difficulty in their classroom learning, there are many online resources to assist them in their educational journey. Here are a few places to look when you want to find help for your student of any age.

Educational Websites

When your child is learning the basics of their education, there are many websites that are helpful in grasping and embracing new concepts. Free websites such as Weekly Quiz are fun and easy for your child to navigate. Your child can explore this particular website and play a variety of games that will teach them concepts such as letter recognition, spelling, and phonics. On Cool Math you can help your child access whatever they are currently learning in math and needing help with, for a straightforward explanation of each principle.

Online Games That Teach

There are plenty of games that aren’t necessarily intended for the purpose of education, but can be used as such by any parent with a little creativity. Minecraft is one website that is extremely popular with elementary and middle-school age children. On it, the user builds structures out of blocks made of a variety of supposed materials. Use this website and others like it to help your child learn math concepts such as addition, multiplication, and learning how to find the area or volume of spaces.


Believe it or not, this popular video website is a great addition to any educational program for any age of child. No matter what your child is struggling with or needing extra help with in school, you will be sure to find YouTube videos that explain the concepts well. Because anyone can upload videos onto YouTube, use caution when on this site, and be sure to preview any videos before your child watches them.

Tutoring by Skype

Another great advantage of our era of readily available technology is being able to connect with a live person when online. If your child needs tutoring but you are short on time or are unable to drive to a tutor at another location, set up tutoring by Skype. Hire someone for this specific purpose, or enlist the help of a family member or friend whose strength lies in the area that your child needs help in. You can even do a trade for a service you can offer the tutor in order to keep the cost down.


If you have chosen homeschooling as the method in which your child will be educated, there are several ways for you to use online education as your main method of delivery. There are many homeschool programs that use the internet for teaching. Your child can do anything from a simple online class, to courses, to certain areas of study, to completing their entire education online. Choose whatever combination works best for you, your child, and your particular family situation.

Now that we live in the age of technology, we should make use of it when possible. When it comes to your child’s education, the sky is the limit. Online education help is readily available, and the best is yet to come.