Some Guidelines to Choose the Best Wood For Bonfires

An informal removal of burnable wood or material similar with it as a component of an event is called bonfire. No main function of this activity, it is used as the complement to enliven the situation of the party as the memorable moment. The most important thing from this activity is the choice of wood burned for this activity. Follow some guidelines to choose the best wood below as your reference in building bonfire with your lovely friends

The first thing you should consider about the wood, it must be safe but also still burnable. The type and size also something that must be considered. Start from the size, it must be long enough in order you can heap the pieces to be a building similar with a pyramid formed from wood. Remember to give the space between the pyramids that you make as the air circulation since it influences the possibility of bonfire happens.

You must make sure that wood you choose is free from dangerous materials such as metallic elements like nails, screw, staples or others since it will bring bad effect especially when the bonfire lead to the extreme of heat. Therefore, you must remove it from the wood first without delay before the bonfire is released.

The last thing you must do, make sure that the wood you want to burn is absolutely dry. A wet wood can bring dangerous effects to your bonfire since it can affect the explosion when burning happens. As the result, it will make your bonfire collapse. Actually, a wet wood still can be advantaged in the bonfire party, but you must do some actions bellow.

Add some small stones or gravels as the foundation in your pit of fire in the previous time you add the wet wood. Choose some garbage from paper and add it in the pit of fire to light the bonfire. Then, burn the certain paper with lighter. After some minutes, it will help the process of evaporation in the wet wood.