Stages of website creation from scratch

To have your own site – it is not only prestigious, but also profitable, because well promoted site can bring its owner a very good income, which will undoubtedly pay off all investments. And how to create it, you will now learn.

We will not consider the designers of sites, as they have many shortcomings. And here are the main ones:

  1. It is almost impossible to create a functional site on a constructor. If the opportunity is provided, the necessary plug-ins and options are connected for a fee.
  2. The site created on a free constructor, looks unsolid and does not inspire confidence.
  3. Such sites are difficult to promote. So if you want to create a quality site and earn money on it, then the designers should be forgotten.

Stages of site creation

  1. Create a site layout in Adobe Photoshop, then proceed to its layout. Some elements like a loading spinneror icons can be created through different special online service providers.
  2. Choose a hosting provider. Their choice is wide enough. But before making the final choice, read the reviews on the Internet. Hosting must be reliable, have a convenient control panel and prompt technical support. Many hosting providers provide their clients with a test period. Typically, this is a 14-day period during which you can appreciate the selected option. If you are completely satisfied with the hosting, then we move on to the next stage.
  3. Let’s proceed to the selection of the domain name. It is best to prepare in advance a few options, as there is a chance that the one you liked, already busy. Domain name should not be too long, it should not have punctuation marks, numbers and incomprehensible symbols. It should be associated with the subject of the site and easy to remember.
  4. Choose a tariff plan. For beginners and simple sites will be enough cheapest tariff. The tariff we choose taking into account your needs – the necessary disk space, the availability of additional features, etc.. The more complicated the site, the more expensive the tariff. But in any case, if necessary, you can change the tariff as a more expensive, and switch to a cheaper one.
  5. Now we place all the files of the site on the server of the hosting provider. There are two ways to do this:

– You can download the content of the site via HTTP protocol using the control panel.

– Using the FTP client using the FTP protocol.

The second method is considered the fastest.

Start the copy process and wait for its completion.