Take the Strain Out of Autumn Gardening With a Ryobi Leaf Blower

Maintaining a quality lawn requires a lot of work and a leaf blower is a great option to save time and get the neat lawn you desire without back breaking physical labor. Though their are a lot of leaf blowers on the market a Ryobi leaf blower is top of the line and offers a versatility unfound in other brands. Ryobi blowers are industrial strength and are a good fit for a home gardener or those running a small professional gardening or lawn care business. Though more commonly used as an alternative to raking leaves consumers who make a purchase will find that the Ryobi leaf blower is ideal for all types of outside jobs such as sweeping off driveways, mulching and clearing away snow. When purchasing the Ryobi brand, home owners have several different choices to consider.

Electric or Gas Powered

The main decision in purchasing a Ryobi leaf blower will be choosing between gas and electric powered leaf blowers. Electric leaf blowers are lighter and are also ideal for those with close neighbors and worried about getting a noise complaint. Electric blowers have an advantage over gas powered models in that they do not give off fumes. Price wise those with a modest budget will find that an electric Ryobi leaf blower is less expensive to buy and requires little maintenance to maintain. The ability of an electronic leaf blowers is also a better choice for those with small or modest sized yards who don’t need a lot of power; an electronic Ryobi blower is best suited for blowing leaves off the driveway or sidewalk.

With gas powered blowers you can expect to deal with a heavier piece of equipmeHow to use a leaf-blower & still get along with your neighbours - YouTubent but for those with larger yards it removes the inconvenience of dealing with a cord, that can be tripped over or require an extension in order to let you complete yard work. It’s also a better fit for those with a lot of trees and other yard obstacles that would make a corded electric leaf blower a nuisance. With a gas powered Ryobi blower, you can expect to deal with more noise while in use and the blower is more expensive since gas will have to be purchased to supply your leaf blower. Because mixing gas with oil is required for a gas powered Ryobi leaf blower some users may just prefer to stick with the more environmentally friendly electric powered blower.

Other Factors to Consider

A handheld Ryobi leaf blower is the lightest possible option weighing as little as 10 pounds. To make it easier to start up a gas blower, look for one featuring a zip start motor, this type can usually start up with only 1 or 2 pulls. Variable speed control varieties allow you to only use as much power as you need to get the job done. Many Ryobi leaf blowers can be converted from blowers to vacuums with just a push of a button. Backpack style leaf blowers can suck up the mess and are capable of picking up wet leaves that other leaf blower brands have trouble with. They also have more power than handheld blowers and can even move small tree limbs.

Pay attention to the mulching ratio when considering a Ryobi blower for removing your leaves, the higher the better. For example, a ratio of 12:1 means the blower is capable of chopping and compressing 12 bushels of leaves down to 1 bushel. The CFM and MPH are also important factors to consider. The CFM refers to the air output while the MPH deals with speed. The higher both numbers are the easier yard work becomes.

Autumn gardening means dealing with falling leaves, twigs and yard debris. Relying on a Ryobi leaf blower can keep your yard clean throughout the year and save you time on doing yard work.

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