Unequaled Quality and Stability of WhatsApp for LG

With unrivaled quality and large stability the program WhatsApp for LG ELECTRONICS is rapidly gaining its popularity among the holders involving this type of cellphones. This edition is not only a messenger, nonetheless it is a complete multi-function device developed for all types of communication:

1 ) It automatically receives messages from other users.

2. It sends free messages some other clients of the service.

several. The SMS messages are free to all portable operators.

4. Write the messages directly inside the program.

5. You will find a free exchange associated with file data.

6th. The possibility to be able to transfer marks in the map and even video to the interlocutor.

7. It comes with a chance to share your own contact list with another person.

8. A person can change your position automatically depending on the time.

Of course, the above listed functions are only a part involving what you can easily do with this particular application. Absolutely free of charge you can certainly expand its capabilities greatly by putting in some additional plugins.

WhatsApp creates a good account based on the phone number. Your own phone book is definitely scanned and included with the list of contacts for individuals whose numbers are registered within the same service. The benefits of this particular solution are clear: no registrations, zero nicks, no authorizations and additions to typically the friends. If an individual from your phone reserve is registered throughout the application, he/she is automatically added to your addresses.

Tap on typically the contact and an individual will open a new chat with them. It is indicated the particular time when the contact was last online next to his or her profile; in the particular top right-hand side corner generally there is a button with attachments and even emoticons. You can insert a photo in the chat, video, voice saving, contact card, plus your location. Particularly interesting could be the last function, since it is the ready answer in order to the question “Where usually are you? “

When you send a note, a tick indicate indicating that the particular delivery is produced appears nearby the account. When the receiver reads it, the second tick appears near the message. It is usually a trifle, although it greatly makes simple the chat helping you get purge of problem “Has he got my message? “

The program’s interface will be pleasing towards the eye lids, as it is definitely produced in nice bright colors. If an individual want, you can change the background graphic of the chitchat window. You can start a chat with a number of contacts.

Unpretentious establishing for chat in addition to notifications are obtainable. On the whole, there is nothing special in every this.


The simplicity of making use of this method mainly depends on the variety of friends and friends who are making use of it as you do. In case you have just two of these men and women, so to suit your needs this is not a new very useful software. However, many individuals regularly use WhatsApp for LG, because they have quite a few acquaintances with this particular application and they desire to save their cash on SMS and they successfully do this. So, this type of person absolutely satisfied using its functionality.

عمل لينك واتساب is worth noting that you do not must manage this application especially to be “online”. When a concept arrives, it is automatically delivered to you. If the cell phone is online, this program itself does not really drain the electric battery completely.

So every thing is determined by you: when you have several friends with mobile phones, it makes feeling to install this program and use that instead of TEXT MESSAGE, but if these kinds of people are quite few, the software becomes less useful.