The fashion industry is one of the drastic changing fields of the present days. Things and trends change in just a flicker of an eye. The innovation is the ultimate need of style and fashion. However, style, when shaking hands with technology, do paces up its speed. Technology has accelerated the rate of development of human civilization to a remarkable level. We have crossed a long way from basic food, clothes, shelter to artificial intelligence, robotics, and advanced health care. Clothing is an essential need for human. However, technology has redefined clothing from the necessity to demand. Clothing reflects your mood, culture, social status, and your fashion sensibility.Image result for video games

The present-day is an eye witness of ever-changing trends with the usage of latest technology and innovations. It has given a new wing of fly to the humans. People have forgotten to stay in limitations. Human civilization wants to experiment with modern equipment and provide a new statement of fashion.


The Darwin theory of evolution clearly explains the principles of adaptability of nature. Survival of the fittest is not a bookish line preferably has a practical approach. The concept of clothing has gone through various levels of evolutionary changes to bring today’s fashion statement. the history of apparel starts from the usage of the natural fur as the only protection of the body. Technology has brought specific changes in the clothing industry. It has kept the environmental conditions as a priority before designing of clothes. The fabric is knitted from high-quality threads, resulting in extreme comfort. Although fashion does not have any permanent residence, it revolves around local taste and consumption. The new changes in style are directly linked with the usage of modern technology. In short, technology is driving fashion trends is a broader range.


Modern era does not have any limitations set for itself. It knows to race against time. However, helping hand of technology has made such a huge change a real-time possible. History witnesses the development of the textile industry as the most significant gift oof industrial revolution. The cotton mills increased the production rate in the shortest possible time. The present-day witness more fine changes in the fabric to give better adaptability. The introduction of smart materials with the implementation of nanotechnology has raised the bar high above. The usage of the polymeric nanofibre is directly affecting the weight of the fabric. It is making it lighter and comfortable to wear, keeping the fashion bubbles intact. The usage of software to create a rough draft of the material before the final making has decreased the burden of work considerably.

Fashion is not limited to hands knot clothes. Technology has allowed looking far. Moreover, it has made the way smart and handy. Nowadays you have a diversified option in clothing. Be it any occasion, choose the best option for yourself. however, it is essential to know that artificial intelligence has a humungous contribution to the evolvement of the smart fabric.