Why You Should Submit Your Blog Shop to Weblog Shop Directories

This is the first installment of the “Why submit to directories?!” Coaching Series and right now I am going to tell you what is least neglected when people run their blog shops. Search Engine marketing and advertising! But let’s get down to it.

The search engines like a web page which is true and authentic, and that applies to your blog as well.

If you’re a girl, you would almost certainly want a guy who has substance, who has actual stuff in his head and is genuine. You would not want Mr Tom or Mr Dick or Mr Harry who pretend that they are a thing but in fact are absolutely nothing much more than empty cock-heads. (Apologies to everyone whose names are Tom, Dick or Harry) In other words, you never want a guy who PRETENDS to be somebody.

The similar applies to the search engines as well. They want to know that your website, your weblog is true and not merely a spam website, which is fairly common currently. What a lot of men and women try to do is build a web page and merely put hundreds or even thousands of hyperlinks ALL POINTING TO THE Exact same Page someplace else on the net. Now, in the previous this may possibly have fooled the search engines fairly well, but not anymore.

They now want to see that you have authenticity.

Let’s say you’re a boss and you’re interviewing an individual who desires to perform in your corporation. The guy walks in, and imagine if the following happens…

Tom: Hello Madam err…

You: My name is Blond. Jane Blond.

Tom: Oh err, Madam Blond…Hello Madam Blond…

You: So, you’re here now for the interview for the Senior Manager position. It says right here you got certification from Cambridge. I am impressed. What are your qualifications?

Tom: My qualification is it? Oh, pretty uncomplicated. I go to school, get a university certificate you know! You know that, that….Cambridge university? Ah, I got my certificate from there! Damn fantastic suitable? But, it really is known as the Cambridge O’level Certificate.

You: …

Tom: Why are you so stunned? Did you see a ghost?

You: There’s no time playing these jokes Mr Tom. international online shopping in a recession. People are losing their jobs and their incomes. You should really be more significant.

Tom: Significant? I am severe! And I am not scared of recession. Scared for what? Every day I drive the Mercedes Benz come to function you know!

You: Genuinely?

Tom: Actually….it is called…the SBS Bus.

So you know that you wouldn’t be taken seriously if you just walk in and pretended you are from Harvard University when in truth you aren’t. The same goes for search engines. They want to see that you happen to be a real legitimate and genuine website prior to they do you a favour of noticing you.

By submitting your blog to a directory, you have basically told the search engines that “Hey look, I’m real. So place me higher in your search listings will you?” It’s simple as that. It really is type of like your old ‘parent’s signature’ whereby you required them to sign on that permission slip so that you could go to the zoo with your class.