Working With Kiln Silver Clay in a Hot Pot

Chinese hotpot of the troubles of functioning with metal clay, like kiln silver clay, is the difficulty of how it ought to be fired just after the pieces are shaped and dried. A lot of hobbyists demurred from working with metal clays since it is required to have a kiln in order to accomplish this job. Nonetheless, now that low-fire metal clays are readily offered, ceramic kilns are no longer necessary so extended as the pieces to be fired are not larger than a silver dollar. Numerous low-fire metal clays fire at low temperatures so that pieces weighing much less than twenty grams can be conveniently fired with a butane torch. But an additional possibility is to fire them in a hot pot. Hot pots expense around forty dollars, and need gelled ethanol fuel which fees about 1 dollar per use.

I had attempted a hot pot which belonged to the instructor in a metal clay class which I took at a local university, so I was only capable to use it in class. Just before acquiring my personal I inquired on the web about what other jewelry-makers believed about them. I received mixed reactions to my online inquiry. Some jewelry-makers liked it, but some didn’t. Complaints against the hot pot have been that the fuel is expensive, and that it can crack eventually, which limits the number of firings you can do in the exact same one. When I bought mine the instructions stated that cracks will occasionally occur in the pot, but it is sill okay to use it so extended as the cracks never split the pot open.

So, I figured that for forty dollars the issue was worth checking into, in particular considering that it represents a considerable savings more than the expense of getting ceramic kilns. For quite a whilst I continued to use my butane torch, but at some point I attempted out the hot pot, and I promptly loved it. For one particular thing, it is really hassle-free. I ordinarily make lots of clay pieces at one time and let them dry naturally, which suggests it could be a day or two till I get to firing them. Working with the torch technique I’d have to sit there and do one particular piece at a time, and since it can take 5 minutes to torch-fire each and every piece, and when there are lots of pieces this takes a considerable quantity of time. On the other hand, with the hot pot it just takes a few minutes to set up the pot, and lots of pieces can be fired at the identical time so lengthy as they are little. Then I can just let the hot pot fire, which takes about 15 minutes.

There are some safety precautions, as with kiln ventilation, which need to be taken into account. Despite the fact that the fuel employed in hot pots is supposedly non-toxic, nonetheless it has a undesirable smell, so it is a very good concept to use it outdoors and keep an eye on it. Also, they get particularly hot, for that reason they should not be touched and kids and animals must be kept away till they are completely cooled down.